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Rules for the Role Play Board

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Sol Skylinden

I gotta set some basic ground rules to make sure things don't get too crazy in the Role Play board. Not because I'm tough on you guys, it's just that there needs to be a degree of order.

Respect The GM. You don't have to like his/her rules, but please obey them to a key. If the GM of an RP makes a decision, it's final if not otherwise marked as such.

Think Literate. Believe it or not, you'll actually gain (or maintain) respect if you are a literate typer and thinker. Chat speak is simply a no-no and short posts "just because you didn't think of something" isn't gonna fly. It's understandable if it's not easy to come up with something, but don't be lazy for the sake of it.

Stay With It! I can't stress this one enough, everyone! If you join an RP, try to show the courtesy to show up. Without activity, someone's hard work in making the RP will go to much waste. Respect the GM's wishes in seeing his/her RP go off with a success. The power in an RP is in its players. Also, don't join something you KNOW you'll be too busy to participate in. If you got like, mid-term papers or finals coming up, focus on your school work. When all's said and done, then join in. But don't leave people hanging by joining and running off. This is called "Cut-And-Running". That's RP bad etiquette.

If you got any other ones you want to add, give a shout and if it's a good one, I'll add it! If you feel the rules need a revision, try and contact me and we can discuss it.

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