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Battle Behemoths

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1 Battle Behemoths on 31.08.11 0:40

Togbus Prime

On the world known as Thray danger abounds. This sentiment holds true even in the noble, yet troubled, land of Godaria. Amaron is a prosperous city that only wishes to be left alone by Godaria’s various menaces. Unfortunately with the bandits and roving beasts, that is no easy endeavor. It has become particularly hard since a mysterious monster, said to be made from the very earth itself, has been sighted destroying all in its wake. Most disturbingly the path of its destruction aims it at Amaron itself.
The city is not without protection, however. Of course it has to be considering Amaron is Godaria’s capital and the only city of its size and wealth for miles around. There is a colossal outer wall defining the city limits as well as a sizably thicker inner wall. The reason for the inner wall’s thickness is to allow for a labyrinth within the walls to deter any able to breach the city to that point. This inner wall also serves to divide Amaron into poor and wealthy sections. Should all else fail the city has a well-trained guard captained by Thos Regmir and outfitted with a fair amount of behemoths and other powerful defensive measures.

Borthahn- one of the four major continents, Borthahn is the southern continent. The countries that lie within its borders are filled with sorrowful peoples.
Godaria- a country whose emphasis is on the monetary, capital is Amaron, and lies within Borthahn. It has a very popular port town among pirates is Towlston, more commonly known to them simply as “The Port”. Note: Godaria’s societal values lead it to be near identical to most western countries on Earth.
Mahylan- a costal country located in Shunahy. Its peoples are almost constantly cheery
Monoway- one of the four major continents, Monoway is the eastern half of the two continent land mass divided more or less in the middle by a chain of mountains and valleys. The countries within its lands are peaceable with kindhearted peoples.
Shunahy- one of the four major continents, Shunahy is the northern continent. Its countries are benevolent, for the most part, and inhabitants seem to be constantly upbeat. Note: Shunahy is the Thrayan Asia.
Torania- one of the four major continents, Torania is the western half of the two continent land mass divided more or less in the middle by a chain of mountains and valleys. The countries therein tend to be violent and to focus on things like war and battle. It is no surprise that the frightfully battle proficient Warsmiths hail from this continent.
This term refers to any creature of substantial size. I say “substantial size” because the term behemoth is used to describe creatures as small as 15 or 20 feet tall to hundreds of feet long and/or high. Generally behemoths fall under four categories depending on whether they are mundane or magical and constructed or flesh and blood creatures.
Natural Mundane- are gigantic creatures that occur naturally but have no magical or supernatural abilities. The relationship one would have with this sort of behemoth is a lot like a horse and its rider.
Artificial Mundane- are what one might call “medieval mecha.” These are either nigh unheard technological marvels or are more common steampunk styled behmoths. They are well worth the effort in either case, however, and often have wards placed upon them.
Natural Magical- are creatures created by magical means or are naturally occurring ones with magical or otherwise supernatural powers.
Artificial Magical- would normally be things like golems, embodiments, or a statue given the ability to move or actual life via supernatural means.
Chordak- giant beings that look like crosses between several primates and reptiles, most predominantly a snake and a silverback. They have a powerful beam attack that can lay waste to ‘most anything that is signaled by a caustic, earthen green mist that billows from their mouth moments before the beam is fired.
Kavroon- some of the most powerful and numerous Thrayan creatures, kavroons come in many shapes and sizes. Despite their variety a kavroon always looks like a cross between a bird and one or more plants. The most powerful species, and perhaps most powerful Thrayan beings aside from gods, looks like a combination of a phoenix and a plant, the specific kind of plant seems to vary from individual to individual.
Aura- a term used to define the energy that surrounds all things and beings as well as the practice of manipulating those energies with your own in order to give the entity they surround a new form and/or function. Those that are able to aura are, not surprisingly, called aurers. As the RP unfolds the various applications of this will be demonstrated or you can come to me with specific questions on what can and can’t be done with it. Note: This does not replace magic; it simply coexists with it. It’s level of use versus magic does vary form race to race and even culture to culture.
Embodiment- one or more principles of aura personified in one form, be it creature, item, or otherwise. Most commonly creatures created via auring are called embodiments and not the items or other miscellaneous auring products and byproducts. These other items are merely called by the shape they take and not what they truly are.
Husker- an aurer with the ability to create a special embodiment called a husk. Husks differ from normal embodiments mainly in a very simple, and subtly dangerous, way: instead of the energy that was used to create them simply disappearing when they are destroyed, it returns to the creator. This means that every time their husk is destroyed a husker can instantly recreate it at no consequence, unlike other aurers who would have to use up energy to recreate them. The other difference is a husk can only be created by auring an emotion, said emotion returning as well when the husk is destroyed.
Manifestation- a naturally occurring living embodiment that is often anchored to one location and tends to take up the roll of guardian of said location. This generally occurs in areas saturated in emotions, auras, magic, and/or any other sort of energy that will, depending on the case, over time or suddenly coagulate into an embodiment of those energies. These creatures’ power ranges greatly, from as weak as a newborn babe to nigh deific, all dependant upon what kind of energy and how much spawned it.
Bimren- a hooked dagger originally created to aide in climbing, typically when climbing a tree. Though they have been reinforced for battle but they are still quite useful climbing tools.
Breaker Fist- a heavy full-arm gauntlet designed to pulverize almost anything. The armor is thickest around the fist, hence its name, and tapers to the shoulders. Due to its design it is impossible to wield anything whilst wearing it.
Buster Fist- a variation of the breaker fist, the buster fist has two models. The first is the mundane model that fires the fist when triggered to. After the fist is fired the armor becomes much lighter and it is possible to wield other weapons. The other is a more fantastical model that requires auring or magic to be fired. Unlike the mundane model, this one can be fired multiple times and the fist never leaves with it, meaning other weapons cannot be used along with it.
Double Dagger- a dagger with a blade on either side and a handle within each blade. The purpose for this has to do with its other moniker: The Judgment Blade. It is primarily used in more brutish cultures to settle differences. Each party removes any armor they have, often wearing practically nothing at all, and takes one of the dagger’s handles. If one lets go of their handle or attempts to use any weapon other than their limbs they loose the battle by default. In certain cultures or disputes the users are bound to their handle until they slay their foe.
Ninglal- a weapon consisting of two spikes linked by a chain. It is traditionally linked to electricity as it is said to have been inspired by lightning.
Pincer Shield- a large shield designed to be used as a weapon. There are blades at either side of the shield. Until a trigger is pulled these blades remain drawn back and under the shield. Once the trigger is pulled they swing out like pincers in a scissor-like attack. If used skillfully it can allow grappling with the foe.
Rosik- a pole arm designed to switch between spear and axe. Traditionally left in spear mode, a trigger switches between one mode and the other, this switch constituting the blade separating or uniting. This is done so the weapons full potential can be used. The devious mind that created this weapon designed it so that once the spear is plunged into someone it can switch to axe mode, sundering the flesh and almost always killing the foe in the most painful way possible.
Seris- a double-edged blade meant to be launched at the enemy. It has serrations designed to shred the flesh when removed. They come in two sizes, a lighter one, often used to replace traditional arrowheads, meant for accuracy and a larger meant to sunder an enemy in one blow. The lighter model is a favorite weapon among assassins as the removal of a poison coated seris spreads the poison exponentially quicker than any other such weapon.
Stinger- a punch dagger gauntlet with a spike in place of a blade. Its design often includes a compartment for poison and a mechanism that automatically injects the poison into any wound caused by the weapon. The appearance of the weapon is reminiscent of a bee or wasp’s abdomen, one of which was likely the inspiration for the weapon, hence its name.
Swagard- a two bladed combination of a sword and a dagger linked by a handle. The sword end is most commonly a long sword but can be any kind and the dagger is normally just a dagger blade but can be any sort of similar stabbing weapon.
Temporus- a mace-like weapon inspired by and representing Tempus, the realm of time and home to the Triumvirate. The main weapon is a sphere with an inverted cone at the tip, symbolizing the Crater of Destruction, four horizontal blades hugging the contours of the sphere to prevent them from ever being broken on impact. The handle is the secondary weapon, a spike that symbolized the Mountain of Creation and can be used as a dagger.
Torrent- a sword with a hilt that completely encircles the handle. The reason for this is so, once a mechanism is triggered, the blade either hangs loose to be spun at great speed by the wielder or spins under its own power at great speed. This speed serves two uses: increasing the power of the blade’s blows and allowing it to function as a shield. This weapon was created by one of the Warsmith’s great leaders, Fles. As such it is often a mark of honor amongst them.
Twin Blade- a sword with two parallel blades. The blades vary in length and style but the most common is that of a great sword. There is also a variation with three parallel blades called a claw blade. The central blade is typically longer than the other two, invoking the likeness of a claw and the reason for its name.
Waser- a sword with serrated edges, it is designed to carve into the enemy. It comes in many models, the most common of which being the long sword.
Dragons- while plentiful and prosperous on other worlds, these mighty beasts are few and far between on Thray, likely due to the number of other similar creatures competing with them for space.
The Navy- an international scale group that polices the seas. It pledges loyalty to no one country, allowing them to fairly enforce the laws as a neutral party.
Warsmiths- perhaps the most well known clans in all of Thray, the Warsmiths are unequalled in combat. Their sole reason for existence is war. It is thought, half in jest and half in seriousness, that they themselves invented war. Despite their prowess, however, they have been in decline ever since their last great leader, Lady Fles, took charge of them millennia ago. Many think this is because Neks, the son of the previous leaders, was supposed to take charge. He would have were it not for his disappearance after raiding the Land of Nar to avenge his parents’ death. He is said to have disappeared rather than died as no one, no matter how hard they searched the ruins of his war camp, could find his body. All they ever turned up were the bodies of those he took with him and a tree that looked out of place amongst the others of the forest.

For non-behemoth characters-
[b]Race:[/b] You can be anything you want that would be reasonable for a fantasy setting (even something you made up). Keep in mind that the RP will be taking place in an area primarily populated by humans so racism may be an issue for non-humans.


For behemoths with a master-
[b]Title:[/b] This is optional as it’s meant for fun. For examples look at my character below, Godzilla monsters, and/or bosses from video games like LoZ.
[b]Name:[/b] Enter your behemoth’s name here.
[b]Description:[/b] List how your behemoth looks, what kind it is, and what skills/abilities it has here.

[b]Strength:[/b] Use A-E for these stats with A being the best and E being the worst.

And for just behemoths-
[b]Gender:[/b] If applicable
[b]Race:[/b] Say if it’s artificial, natural, magical, and/or mundane here.


As you may have guessed behemoths aren’t exactly common occurrences. Every player in the RP can still have one, just come up with a good reason. There are a plethora of explanations for your character having a behemoth, the simplest being that they are one. Your character could be a bandit who on purpose or by luck acquired a behemoth. They could be a member of the Amaron Guard, a soldier, or even a mercenary. There is also a battlers’ league that entertains people in a similar way to boxers or gladiators on Earth that they could be a part of. Lastly your behemoth could be a husk; however, a husker needs to feel the emotion used to create the husk extremely powerfully for it to be behemoth-sized or be an extraordinary husker.

If you have any questions, any AT ALL, please post them here. I’m MORE than happy to answer them and they might be common questions, so answering them here will let everyone see them and prevent me from having to repeat myself.

Name: Thos Regmir, Captain of the Guard
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Race: Human

Appearance: At 6 feet and 170 pounds the Captain is one of the larger men in the guard. Thos normally wears the full suite of armor issued to the guard save the helmet, which allows all to see his brilliant green eyes and short, blonde hair. Recently, however, he has taken to wearing just the breastplate with commoner clothes on underneath.
Skills/Abilities: He is highly proficient in swordplay as well as Deus’ piloting and construction/maintenance.
Bio: Born to a better off family, Thos has led a good life. He enlisted in the guard at an early age and showed great potential. It was no surprise when he took the position of captain. Not long after that he learned about the Sentinel project and started working hand in hand with its leader. He quickly become quite familiar with it and the technologies involved, much to the surprise of the lead developer, Aver Parr. After completion he took the position of pilot and named the construct Dues.
Motto: Think smarter, not harder.

Title: Mega Sentinel
Name: Deus
Description: Artificial Mundane- Deus looks like a knight clad in mithril armor with massive pincer shields attached to its arms that also function as sheathes for its swords. It stands 100 feet tall and is basically a giant suit piloted by Thos. It has an array of interchangeable parts to make Deus customizable to any situation and is also covered in ornate wards and runes making it immune to magic and auring.

The below stats reflect Deus’ normal form.
Strength: B
Endurance: A
Agility: C
Intellect: N/A

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2 Re: Battle Behemoths on 31.08.11 23:43

Sol Skylinden


Name: Sol Skylinden
Title: Vagrant (No Title)
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Race: Human

Appearance: (LINK)
Skills/Abilities: Uses specialized Aura powers to heal the body, mind, and spirit or further enhance one's physical and mental potential through focusing.

Bio: Born just outside of Shunahy along the coast and raised by a former knight errant and a machinist in a small village called Shuma Aire. When taken to the village elders on his day of christening, they declared he possessed gifted potential in the use of Aura. Sol took up practice of tinkering with various pieces of technology at a young age while learning from his father in the ways of Aura mastery. His understanding of the mechanics of the body as well as machines served him to such a point that he was able to exceed his own mother's skills with designing machinery. After that though, the village began to dwindle to few in number as most of the population began to move out to other more developed settlements and cities. After constructing a gauntlet of his own design, he finally decided to set out on his own, following a path similar to his father's at a young age. His wandering from city to city had finally lead him to the land of Godaria, at the threshold of the city of Amaron.

Motto: "If I can break it, I can fix it. If I can fix it, I can make it better."





3 Re: Battle Behemoths on 13.09.11 2:47


Name: Jade
Gender: Female
Race: lizard-Cow hybrid

Appearance: Jade is 6' tall and weighs 190 lbs(part cow remember), has bright green eyes.
Skills/Abilities: Treasure Hunter, Mechanic
Bio: Jade and her friend, Mirana, come from the Mahylan continent. Ever since Jade was small, she has had a love of shiny things, be it coins, jewelry etc. As she got older, she also grew to like tinkering on various devices she could find, then take them apart and put them back together. When her and Mirana were old enough they decided to get out on their own and explore...least that what they told their families. The pair had actually left to become treasure hunters AND explore.

On one of their ventures they came across a wounded behemoth, which Jade, with the help of Miry, borg'd it up to save it's life and have been traveling from place to place with it ever since. Jade does her best to keep the behe-borg in top notch condition in their travels.

Name: Mirana (Miry)
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Race: "Bunda Bear" Bunny/Panda Bear

Appearance: She is 5'5'' and weighs 185 lbs, light blue eyes and light dark hair that goes to her shoulders, she has a very attractive and shapely figure thanks to her panda and bunny sides of the family, ample bosoms(saying maybe E?) and wide hips. She is typically wearing outfits that show off plenty of skin. Over her left eye she has a natural 'eye patch' of different color fur over that eye.
Skills/Abilities: Treasure Hunter, able to use her looks to get things out of men.
Bio: Mirana and her friend, Jade, come from the Mahylan continent. Mirana was well known in her home town for being an attention getter, be it wanting her parents attention or wanting other children to play with her. She loved to spend time with her best friend Jade, she would often drag Jade on mini 'adventures' in the area surrounding their home town. When they got older Miry suggested that they take their adventures further to explore and find shiny or valuable treasures to sell.

She is notorious for using her womanly charms to get things out of men, be it money, food, or various gifts.

Title: Behe-borg
Description: It stands around 20ft tall, and is a 4-legged beast with 3 hydra heads, one of which(the left one) has some mana-punk cybernetics on it. Both of it's right legs have some cyber work on them as well.

Strength: Use A-E for these stats with A being the best and E being the worst.
Endurance: C
Intellect: C

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