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Iron Star - Dominions

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1 Iron Star - Dominions on 07.02.12 13:46

Sol Skylinden

Ninten II is a world comprised mostly of medieval, feudal communities and nation states. The people here lived relatively normal lives, steadily developing, until The Rhakari Trust made this world their haven. When the Rhakari arrived, they brought with them all their technology and began settling trading posts and localized governments which took over various holds and provinces. Their aggressive assimilation of the world has imperiled the natives, causing a great disheveling of the disparity of power. Some chose to side with the Rhakari in prospect of sharing their fortunes and plunders. Others opposed their arrival and perceived it as a threat to their very way of life, fighting back in great number, stealing weaponry, and causing destruction. Some would dare raise an empire from the attacks against the Rhakari, but are often thwarted for their lack of technological power.

15 years after their arrival, the world was split between the factions and nations who carried on their lives, disconnected from technological assimilation, while others sided and developed in tandem with the invading space faction. Wars have been scattered so evenly that they are nothing more than skirmishes against remnant states and tribes. Things were at an uneasy stability while the Rhakari were drilling away much of the planet's raw materials, stripping that which belonged to the people of Ninten II which was vital to their development.

It was at this time of unease that the Interstellar Federation made their arrival to Ninten II to eliminate the Rhakari presence, declaring that these "space pirates" have violated standing galactic law that protects underdeveloped worlds from the exposure of technological changes they are unprepared for. War had once again took the world of Ninten II by storm as the skies were suddenly filled with ISF battleships and transports to invade the Rhakari cities. Soldiers from all sides were at war once again, the natives now arming themselves with weapons from the fallen forts, Rhakari cities, and ISF shock troopers.

Ninten II is now a chaotic battleground for planetary dominion between three sides. Much of the once prosperous cities have been polluted, re-engineered, and ravaged by the great war. You are now amongst one of the many, fighting to reclaim the world, purge it of invasion, or defend it from all else.


Races: There are two major groups of races in Iron Star - Dominions. You have your native Nintenian races, and your alien races.

Humans wrote:Humans: Enduring and hearty sort. They are amongst some of the most capable and adaptive races. In spite of the hardships they've faced since the Rhakari Space Pirates' arrival, the surviving have learned to make due and either fight with or against the alien invaders. They are most notable in appearance for their tanned complexion, fair colored hair, and considerable strength in spite of their mundane appearances.

Dwarves wrote:Dwarves: Not inspired by the traditional impression of stout bodies and wooly beards. Dwarves of Ninten II are much shorter than the humans, but have a flair for industrious, cultural tendencies and have a knack for machinery outside of the normal comprehension. They are notable in appearance as being covered in a thin, velvet-soft fur and have some slight similarities in structure to that of a rabbit; with elongated, digitigrade feet, slender, short muzzles (still bearing a fairly human appearance), and elongated ears. It is due to their ultra-sensitive hearing that they have a considerably greater understanding for machinery. They use vibrations and their alternate hearing perception instead of their vision to navigate the inner-workings of machines (and complicated locks!) They are, however, thoroughly unable to operate with electronic machines this same way. The hum and buzz of electronic machines distorts and muffles their auditory senses.

Nocturi wrote:Nocturi: A rather secretive race that has kept to themselves for thousands of years, living beneath the oceans, forests, mountains, and deserts in arcologies. They are said to be the history keepers and mystery weavers of Ninten II as they possess technology whose power rivals that of the alien invaders, using what is believed to be a form of magick and psychokinesis to empower everything they fabricate and interact with. They are easily recognized for their fiery red or orange hair and skin tones of black and white, mottled in various different patterns or disorganized blotches, depending on their rank of birth or power. The Nocturi do not tend to have a figuratively close average height. Some come as tall as 12 feet while others may grow no taller than 3. While not physically strong, the Nocturi are masters of arcane and psionic arts. In combat, they also prove to be incredibly agile and stealthy in their virtually silent movement. The Nocturi cities stand out amongst all other forms of aesthetics for their elegant patterns in their artisan engravings on their structures hew of obsidian, granite, gold, silver, and steel, protruding like time-forgotten statues amongst the wilds of the world. Few have ever actually encountered these mystical beings until the war.

Reptir (Desert) wrote:Reptir (Desert): Also known as "Sandwalkers", a sentient, reptilian species of warriors with a distinguishing similarity to scaled raptors of previous 20th century interpretation. Agile and deadly in battle, their civilization has specialized in the use of venom, poisons, and piercing weapons such as spears, lances, and daggers. They have a natural resistance to most toxic agents aside from their own which they manufacture from their own secretions and blood. A sandwalker's poison is known to vary from family to family. "Fury of the gods, born in flesh heralds a great warrior. Frailty, however, whispers of the most unforgiving spits and hisses." When interpreted plainly, it simply means that offspring that grow to be powerful have weak poisons while weak children carry the most potent.

Reptir (Mountain) wrote:Reptir (Mountain): Drastically different than the sandwalkers, the mountain dwelling "Peakstriders" bear an uncanny resemblance to the more modern interpretation of raptors, with feathered, wingless bodies with sharp teeth amidst its beak. They often array in muted colors, keeping up with the climate of their native territory; leaning towards cooler colors in the snow and warmer colors in the forests. They are much more social than their desert variety counterparts and are known throughout as excellent traders and marksmen, preferring firearms or the traditional bows and crossbows.

Humans wrote:Humans: Your run-of-the-mill, 25th century terran. The cosmopolitan race and a leading negotiator. They are here on Ninten II for one mission only: to exterminate the Rhakari Space Pirate presence, either diplomatically or with extreme prejudice. They come in all manner of appearances and livelihoods. They're amongst the best with modern electronic technology and firearms, plus well trained as soldiers come. Often garbed in their uniform armor of a beige and black striped suit with varying shades of digital camoflague on their armor plating and weaponry. Officers are distinguished by their customary crimson red and black uniforms with a black admiral's hat and the fleet's crest at the brim.

The human space pirates from the Rhakari Trust aren't much different, but wear no uniform and operate by no rules. They work at their own agenda or at the behest of the Trust's better interests if they are an agent. They can vary in strengths and weaknesses, but may not have combat skills to match their enemies within the ISF.

Anthros wrote:Anthros: Humanoid, yet bearing a deep relationship with a single animal's traits in their features. They were found from another similarly developed society to the terran humans of the ISF. They've been in cooperation with the ISF for roughly 200 years now. Their representative animal qualities include, but are not limited to Avians, Bovines, Canines, Cervines, Felines, Lagomorphs, Primates, Procyons, Reptiles, Rodents, Ungulates, etc... Each one, depending on their animal-qualities, will vary in their strengths and weaknesses and can specialize in all manner of weaponry and technological comprehension, making them invaluable team members.

The anthros of the Rhakari Trust share the same freedoms as their human counterparts within the organization. They too can vary in capabilities, but may not have the valuable military training of an ISF soldier.

TT-X84 Thanatos / Atropos wrote:TT-X84 Thanatos / Atropos: A war android, to sufficiently put it. Though inherently programmed for warfare, these AIs are more than capable of learning from their own objective experiences in order to aid them in the distinction of friendlies and enemies in combat. They are not mechanical in appearance and have visibly human attributes. Their power is derived not in sheer weapons ordinance, but in their tactical versatility, self reliability, and inhuman endurance. Capable of moving 6 tonnes and possessing enough power to punch through 6 inches of solid concrete, they make more than a match for "disarming" mechanized forces and "dismantling" enemy defenses single-handedly. They've had a history with ISF for developing a latent moral code that can sometimes favor against the ISF's commanding forces, leading to memory corrections. The latest model, Experimental 84 is designed to be more powerful and create checkpoints in its AI to prevent hostility towards ISF soldiers and "pre-established friendlies". Comes in Male and Female variants, Thanatos and Atropos respectively.

Character Sheet


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