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Arkives Expansion Project

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1 Arkives Expansion Project on 30.08.11 17:02

Sol Skylinden

After years of neglect, I've decided it's high time this forum got the rightful treatment it deserves. The past is made past and the future will be present. It's time for the people to decide how to shape this forum. I want users new and old to help decide and direct the growth of Arkives from here on out.

Thray and I have been discussing ideas on how to make Arkives a better place. So far, we've discussed broadening the general span of topic categories, adding things such as fandom sections associated with particular interests. Things such as Sonic the Hedgehog, My Little Pony, Microsoft Paint Adventures, and much more at your discretion.

The role play section will soon expand as well once enough users have taken interest in particular aspects. There will be a "garden" area of sorts where new users unfamiliar with advanced forum roleplay can learn, practice, and participate at their own speeds and interest while learning from one another.

If anyone feels they wish to contribute ideas, don't be shy! Go right ahead. Arkives is the forum you make it.


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