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RP Setup Instructions

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1 RP Setup Instructions on 17.05.09 15:29

Sol Skylinden

To start an RP, you'll first need your idea planned out a little. Set up a plot line of some kind and create a setting for the RP to take place in. next, you lay down some simple ground rules and limitations to keep the RP in check and order. You'll then want to design a character sheet that players can fill out.

Now where does all this belong? The sign-up page for your RP is also where you plan it. This is posted in the OOC Section of the forum. Name the topic after your RP.

Once things are established, it's helpful to let RPers make some suggestions to make your concept a little more refined if it's lacking some details. Once everyone you want joins, you create the IC topic in the IC Section. This also has the same name as the topic back in the OOC section. Note: there's no need to add IC or OOC on the name of your RP topic. It's location should be plenty enough of a hint.

Finally, I want to offer a sort of template everyone's welcome to if they don't have the patience for designing one. I'll break everything down for you so you can understand the fundamental mechanics to the set up of an RP.

Name: (Obviously, the name of your RP. It can be anything simple to something with an ulterior meaning. Make it something eye catching to draw in other users.)

Genre: (Specify the type of RP that this is. Science Fiction? Modern Horror? High Fantasy? Whatever it may be.)

Setting: (Specify the place this RP takes place in specifically. World, time setting, specifically set races, and so forth. This part calls for some good creativity if you want it to draw in more members/attendance.)

Background: (Explain the core details of the story behind your RP and where it leaves the potential players at. This is the premise for the plot of the RP or whatever acts as the RP's catalyst to the plot.)

Character Sheet: (This section is left blank for the players to fill out to specify their character design. This is more of a template, not a default requirement. It's meant to loosely fit most RP settings and has flexibility to be modified to suit whatever elements your RP may feature. Use to your own discretion.)

Name: (Simply, the character name.)
Gender: (Male, female, without gender, or of both. There really isn't much else to say.)
Age: (There can be two types of ages to describe. There's the actual years of age the character has lived and the phonetic age the character appears to be. If say, the character is about 200 years, but looks to be in his/her mid 20s, this approximation can be further detailed in the character background.)
Race: (If the RP specifies for a race from a provided list, it would be named here. Some RPs don't even have any other races than one. If that's the case, then GMs, you may remove this from the template if you so choose to use it. Some RPs also allow players to create and design their very own race. If so, you should go into detail in this section about it.)

(Use an image link or describe to the best of your ability.)

Personality: (Describe character's personality, traits, and habits.)

(Describe the character's origins and reasons for who they are. The more complex the character, the less likely they can develop into something more from playing out in the RP. Try to leave room for development.)

Weight: (This is self explanatory. Bear in mind however, the balance between strength and weight does have some co-dependence.)

Height: (Again, self explanatory. This won't necessarily affect your strength all the time, but if your character is to scale larger than the average character, it can have impact on deciding strength. Confer with the topic OP on how to go about this if you plan your character to be really tall and see how they manage things.)

Stats: (Rate from 1 to 10. 4 = average/human equivalent compitence.)
PWR: (Power: Total tenative destructive output. This is an accumulative total and only determines the actual effectiveness of the character in combat.)
STR: (Strength: Physique and attack power. This does not necessarily reflect the actual muscle appearance of the character.)
MND: (Mind: Mental prowess and magical/psionic potential. This does not necessarily reflect the actual intelligence of the character.)
END: (Endurance: Defense and overall health quality. This includes resistance to magical/psionic damage.)
AGI: (Agility: Movement speed and dexterity. Determines how fast the character can act in a combat situation and how well their reflexes handle.)

This should hopefully cover everything for getting anybody started in creating/joining an RP. The information above can be used also as a reference to understand the meanings of these fields that are used in RP sign-ups. Got any additional question or suggestions? Feel free to make any here.

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