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About This Section - Random Chat + Games

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Sol Skylinden

The name suggests the purpose of this category well. It's a very open ended forum not meant for more than casual socialization and fun. Here, you can find the Introduction Thread where you can meet and greet with users for the first time, let everyone here know about you briefly.

There's also the availability to start general discussion on a particular topic of interest. (See our Bulletin Formality Agreement on any rules or concerns on subject matters.) Here, rules are more relaxed and offer invitation to even start forum games. The user post count won't increase here, so users won't see their user rank climb when posting in this place. Suggestions and ideas to help improve the forum may also be posted here. Users can then decide if suggestions are a good idea or may need revision or change.

Contrary to some ideas, spam is not considered general discussion or a form of forum games here in Arkives and will likely be moved to the Locked Archive. Abusive spam topic generation of any one user or another can have penalties decided by the administration and moderators. Spam topics though, are not in out-right violation of the BFA. Certain forms of spam however, will be treated as a violation of the rules. Ones such as obvious topics spamming the same word, phrase, or image macro spam falls under that category.


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