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Bulletin Formality Agreement

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1 Bulletin Formality Agreement on 14.04.11 19:36

Sol Skylinden

Users, please be aware. Those who post in this forum are in fact agreeing to the terms I've drawn below. These terms in no way can be avoided, circumvented, or otherwise ignored and overlooked by administration, moderation staff, or any of this forum's registered members. Failure to abide to the rules and policies stated below may result in mediation of your account's activity, privileges, and rights to be pended, revoked, re-evaluated, or terminated permanently. Other smaller violations may receive warning messages or temporary suspension of certain features and access to areas of the forum.

Spam / Inflammatory Conjecture
Posting or contributing to such items in any one of the forums is prohibited. Topics that degenerate into spam, inflammatory argument, hate speech, belligerent statements that derail the topic of discussion insistently, or defamation of a user or multiple users image, heritage, religious creed and views, sexual orientation, gender or gender identification, or sub-cultural identity will be dealt with accordingly to the severity of the nature.

Most minor offenses will be let off with a reminder not to carry on or repeat such actions. Escalated violations will be enforced with a temporary suspension of posting capabilities with a stronger warning and reminder of the forums' BFA. Further belligerence, violation of agreements, or continued behavior while ignoring warnings after a previous reprimand will result in a 7 day account suspension or greater, depending on the violations accrued and their severity.

Appending images of lewd, explicitly sexual visual content is prohibited. This forum is not a hosting area or gallery for pornographic images. Violations of your state / provincial national laws and regulations of pornography must be adhered to. Posting of any form of child pornography or imagery depicting child-like characters, be they cartoons, computer generated images, or photography, is strictly prohibited on all grounds and association. Text that associates to pornographic poetry, prose, or literature is not directly prohibited, but is not acceptable. If found, topics or postings of this nature can be deleted under the approval of any administrator. Report any findings that may deem fit to fall under such characteristics.

Role Play topics are not exempt from this policy. Any topic, including within the Role Play section of our forums found with posts pertaining to the pretenses or are solely created for the sake of pornographic entertainment through written form are in violation. Users confirmed responsible for such postings will be warned and their post deleted. Topics of this nature will be locked in the Archive and the post contents stripped from the topics. Additional violations from the user, be they compound with any other rule violations of the BFA and or TOS or later committed by the violator / violators will have their accounts banned permanently without chance of mediation of the lift of a ban.

Ban Evasion
If an account is found matching an IP after a ban was issued on a different account or access is gained by a banned user through a new account by way of proxy gate access will be automatically banned without chance of mediation of the lift of a ban.


Additional rules and revisions will be appended as necessary. Suggestions are welcome and may be improvised into the BFA.


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